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Screen Fade, 2021

Project type



May 29 - July 17


bluin | division MONTRÉAL


Mathieu Grenier

Mathieu Grenier’s Screen Fade examines the apparatus of image-making, drawing unlikely parallels between cyanotypes, with their rudimentary single exposures, and contemporary screens, with their endless available content. The works explore humans' rapport with electronic displays and reconfigure the relationship by focusing on the experience of forms and the physical implications of our interaction with these objects.

Grenier invites us to think about visual and technological consumption, presence and absence, blurred mental processes, fragmentation of information and experiences, and loss of perspective. Though "Screen Fade" is a technical term used to describe a failing display, Grenier assigns it broader meaning, associating it with the passage of time, the deterioration of our bodies, and the abrasive effect of our hyperconnected routines.
Grenier deconstructs and reconfigures these electronic displays and how we see them; he rescues formal aspects related to the architecture of the image and traces parallels between the idea of collage as an unresolved element and today's fragmented experience of screen life.

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