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Neither Here Nor There, 2022

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September 9 - October 16, 2022


Lydian Stater, New York City


Lau Wai & Huidi Xiang

Lydian Stater

Lydian Stater is thrilled to present "Neither Here Nor There," featuring new works by Lau Wai and Huidi Xiang, co-curated with Elisa Gutiérrez Eriksen. The practices of Xiang and Lau converge in their exploration of the virtual and physical realms and pay special attention to the crossings between worlds and the simultaneities that occur in them. Using references to popular culture, classic cartoons, and Hollywood films, they build bridges that create an understanding of reality as something that neither exists here nor there (wherever that is) but in an amalgamation-location that includes both ourselves and the echoes of our existences.

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