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In Every Dream Home a Heartache, 2020

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February 07 — March 20, 2020


Stand4 Gallery, New York City


Magdalena Dukiewicz

In Every Dream Home a Heartache is a visual, physical, and poetical exercise in which Magdalena Dukiewicz revisits particular objects and memories from her childhood in Poland to explore an idea of “home” that has been inoculated in her mind from an early age.
For Dukiewicz, the thought of a home brings a cumulus of anxieties about social expectations. This calls into question the preconceived ideas of how things should be: motherhood, marriage, work, living in a place other than one's birthplace, and fulfilling certain obligations.

Dukiewicz carefully dissects all these notions and feelings and stitches them together to rebuild the idea of a home in a material and conceptual way. The house in the exhibition is made out of a bio-textile cover fabricated with hydrolyzed collagen and vegetable glycerin, natural pigments, blood, thread, and poles. Thus, the hardiness of the material opposes the fragility of the house's appearance –its geometrical topology withstands the breath that exudes from its organic pores; the lightness of its structure counteracts the heaviness of the charged notions that it holds.

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