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Common Frequencies, 2021

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May 1 - Oct 15, 2021


BioBAT Art Space, New York City


Lorena Mal, Marcela Armas, Gilberto Esparza, Tania Candiani, Interspecifics

The works in Common Frequencies exist at the intersection of art and science and explore ideas surrounding collaboration, sound, ecology, language, and the construction of symbolic imaginaries. This group of Mexican artists draws inspiration from nature, resonance, mechanics, electricity, and magnetism, and uses these phenomena as the basis for poetic inventions that allow viewers to tune into multiple natural frequencies—that emerge from minerals, animals, bacteria, plants, and humans.

The idea of sound as one of the most essential ways in which living beings experience their position in relation to others in the world was what prompted the idea of this exhibition. This premise allowed the establishment of a space of commonality threaded by sound at a complex social and political time in the USA. The global events and the pandemic gave Common Frequencies an unexpected opportunity to transform into a project that could also place attention on local views of the world and the environment –including the research from scientists interested in similar topics, the expansion of different types of research, and the inclusion of the voice of the Brooklyn community– while thinking of creating better ways to improve our lives as a community, not only at a human scale but as an integrated collectivity where different types of knowledge can exist.

The idea of collaboration is embedded in the practices of these four artists and one collective. They have created links with other artists, creators, scientists, communities, and groups in both Brooklyn and México to establish an exchange that would nurture both artists and collaborators, expanding the scope of the works in the exhibition.

This bilingual exhibition was composed of workshops, listening sessions, a six-month exhibition, and a series of performances open to the general public.

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